Complete Collection of

Joyce Fleming Rose Introductions

Joyce has been a rose hybridizer since 1985, and has developed a collection of fine hybrid roses selected for disease and insect resistance. These roses have proved to be hardy in Canadian hardiness zone 5, being grown for several years at the Jardin Botaniqe de Montreal (zone 5).


'Alberta' 1995

'Carefree Beauty X Red Hot'

Deep pink, flat, 10 petals, slight fragrance. Prominent stamens
Medium matt green foliage. To 3' - 3 1/2'
Remontant. Disease resistant.

Amelia Fleming

'Amelia Fleming' Fl 1995

'Marchenland' X 'Bambula'

Single pink, prominent stamens
Up to 20 flowers per cluster. Fragrant. Bloom 2 1/2" D
Height to 5'
Medium matt green foliage. Remontant. Disease Resistant.

Brother Sun

Brother Sun 1998

'Golden Olymp' X 'Australian Gold'

Golden yellow. Bloom 2 1/2" - 3/4" D
Very good substance
Height to 30"
Dark green shiny foliage
Disease resistant. Good repeat.

Claire Laberge

'Claire Laberge' H Rg 2001

'Jens Munk' X 'Scabrosa'

a hybrid rugosa shrub, repeat flowering (remontant) to 3'
Medium pink 2 1/2" flowers borne in clusters. Double blooms.
Very prickly
Long lasting blooms; stipules entire
Good petal drop
Red hips
Foliage glossy
Disease resistant
Tested hardy to zone 5 (September 2005)

Clarion Call

'Clarion Call' Fl 1994

'Canadian Centennial' X ' Traumeri'

Red salmon hue. Blooms born 1-15 per cluster.
Semi double 6-12 petals. 1.5"-2.75" D
Slight fragrance. Remontant.
Foliage medium, medium green, matt, bushy (up to 75 cm)
First prize, Unnamed seedling, Norfolk, VA National Show, ARS 1991
Matt, medium green foliage.

Daniel Philip

'Daniel Philip' F 1999

'Orangeade' X 'Morden Fireglow'

Red, lighter eye. 3/4" - 1" D
Clusters, up to 15 blooms.
Foliage shiny, small, in scale with flowers.
Height to 4'. Spreading. Remontant. Disease resistant.

David Fleming

'David Fleming' 1996

'Masquerade x Mrs. John Laing'

Deep pink, double with some mauve tones. 35 petals.
Slight fragrance, in clusters.
Foliage medium green, glossy. Remontant. Disease resistant.

Dr. Harry Upshall

'Dr. Harry Upshall' shrub 1993

'Liverpool Echo' X 'Rosa foetida Persiana'

shrub or low climber. Pink, central blush
16-40 petals 1.5-2.75"
Moderate fragrance, prominent stamens.
Non remontant, but the samll decorative disease free foliage serves as a nice foil for later blooming roses.
Foliage small, medium green, matt, serrated.
Bushy, spready to 6 ft
Disease resistant
Tested hardy to zone 5 (September 2005)
Succession of bloom for up to 4 weeks, late May, June.


'Eloise' 2003 Fl

'Alberta' X 'Lavender Dream'

Medium pink, mauve cast. 2" D. Height to 24"
Foliage small, matt green in scale with flower size.
Fragrant, open habit. Remontant. 1/4" - 1/2" beige-beige red prickles.
Disease resistant.

Erin Fleming

'Erin Fleming' L Cl 1995

'Sunsation' X 'Henry Kelsey'

Flowers very full, 41 petals, medium 2 1/2" - 3" D. Flat blooms like the Austen roses.
Flowers borne singly and in cluster up to 15
Moderate fragrance. Remontant.
Foliage medium dark green, glossy. Upright, tall to 5'-6'

Evelyn Redfern

'Evelyn Redfern' F 2002

Morden Fireglow x Bonica

Medium red, cluster flowered. 3-12 per cluster. Blooms double, 2"-2 1/2" D
Prickles medium bronw, 3/16"
Slight fragrance. Medium matt green foliage.
Height to 30". Good repeat. Disease resistant.


'Glee' 2004

'Red Hot' X 'Lavender Friendship'

Medium red, 2" bloom, cluster flowered.
Medium matt green foliage. Height to 24"
Slight fragrance. Remontant. Disease resistant.

'Jim Lounsbery' S 1994

'Liverpool Echo' X (R virginiana Herrm x Unknown)

Bright orange 2 1/2" blooms
Up to 20 blooms per cluster
Slight fragrance
Height to 6 ft
Medium matt green foliage
Disease and insect resistant
Tested hardy to zone 5 (September 2005)

King J

'King J' rug 1996

Rugosa alba X 'Assiniboine'

a hybrid rugosa shrub
White, double flowers; yellow stamens
Borne in small cluster of 15 to 25 petals; some repeat
Insense spicy fragrance
Foliage dark green, glossy
Disease and insect resistant
Growht to 6 ft.
Tested hardy to zone 5 (September 2005)

Margaret Fleming

'Margaret Fleming' rug. 1994

R. rugosa alba X 'Masquerade'

a hybrid rugosa shrub
Flowers very clear pink, no lavender tones
Blooms borne up to 10 per cluster
Semi double 6-14 petals. Diameter of cluster, 1 to 5 inches
No fragrance
Foliage medium to large medium green, semi-glossy
Numerous prickles
Growth to 6ft. Some repeat bloom.
Tested hardy to zone 5 (September 2005)
Disease resistant

Mary Fleming

'Mary Fleming' 1994

'Marchenland' X 'Golden Salmon Supérieur'

Bright pink bud opening to pale pink 2 1/2" bloom.
5-12 petals, 2-15 flowers per cluster and more on side branches.
3'-3 1/2' height. Remontant, moderate fragrance. Disease resistant.
Matt green narrowish foliage.

Micheal Leek

'Michael Leek' Fl 1995

'Liverpool Echo' X 'Traumeri'

Flowers bright orange-red, borne 2-8 per cluster
5-8 petals, slight fragrance
Foliage medium, dark green, glossy
Height to 3', bushy, remontant. Disease resistant.

Natasha Fleming

'Natasha Maria' Fl/LCl 1994

'Wilfred H. Perron' X 'Goldener Olymp'

Orange red with yellow base. 10-12 petals. 2 1/2" - 3" D.
Flowers 2-5 per cluster, fragrant, remontant. Disease Resistant.
Height to 7'. Shiny dark foliage, the young foliage is reddish, complementing flower colour.

PALS Niagara

'PALS Niagara' 2003 Shrub

'Red Hot' X 'Breeding Line 83'

Bright red clusters of 4" flowers, 24 petals, slight fragrance.
Sturdy canes to 4', cluster of 5-10 blooms
Numerous medium brown prickles
Foliage shiny, disease resistant.
Repeat flowering.

Persian Delight

'Persian Delight' Fl 1995

'Masquerade' X ' Traumeri'

Medium brick red, yellow blend reverse, yellow petal base.
2" bloom, semi double, slight fragrance.
Foliage medium, dark green, glossy.
Upright growth. Remontant. Disease resistant.

Roberta Bondar

'Roberta Bondar' 1993

'King's Ransom' X 'Buff Beauty'

Non fading, repeat bloom. Medium green foliage 4" double medium yellow H.T. form, fragrant. Climber to 10'. Remonstant. disease resistant.
Canes should be trained horizontally for maximum bloom on the laterals. Prune a few inches from the terminal.
'Roberta Bondar' does not produce hips - is female sterile.
'Kings Ranson' probably is tetraploid (28) like 'Rapture' 7 generations back, but Buff Beauty is triploid (21) according to Modern Roses IX. It is worth noting that 7 generations back, both progenitors of 'Roberta Bondar' were roisettes and in each generation thereafter, rich and varied combinations of inherited characteristics contributed to the splendour of 'Roberta Bondar'.

Sheila Fleming

'Sheila Fleming' Fl 1994

'Marchenland' X 'Montezuma'

Blooms borne 15-20 per cluster. Single 1.5" - 2.75"
Moderate fragrance. Foliage medium, medium green matt.
Upright to 4'. Remontant. Disease Resistant.
1st prize, unamed seedling, Toronto Show, 1992

Spirit of Canada

'Spirit of Canada' Fl 1995

'Bambula' X 'Red Max Graf'

Dark red, enriched with flashes of scarlet. Prominent stamens.
Semi double- 6-14 petals
Medium blooms, 2 1/2" - 3" borne in small and large clusters
Numerous prickles, foliage small, medium green, semi glossy.
Upright, bushy, remontant. Disease resistant.

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