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A fine collection of gardening and rose breeding tips for the Niagara Region

by Bob and Joyce Fleming


Biographical Information

Bob Fleming
Bob has been a popular garden show host in the Niagara Peninsula for the past 25 years. Formerly of the Horticultural Research Institute in Vineland, Bob passed away in 2005.
Joyce Fleming
Joyce has been a rose hybridizer since 1985, and has developed a collection of fine hybrid roses selected for disease and insect resistance. These roses have proved to be hardy in Canadian hardiness zone 5, being grown for several years at the Jardin Botaniqe de Montreal (zone 5).
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Garden Articles

Dr. Harry Upshall

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Rose and Horticultural Links

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Comments and Questions

Please send Bob or Joyce email with your gardening and rose-breeding comments and questions.

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Copyright Bob and Joyce Fleming, February 1998
Last revised: January, 2006.