The Pedigree and Story of

Rosa 'Roberta Bondar'

by Joyce Fleming

Roberta Bondar

Rosa 'Roberta Bondar' 1993

'King's Ransom' X 'Buff Beauty'

Non fading, repeat bloom. Medium green foliage 4" double medium yellow H.T. form, fragrant. Climber to 10'. Remontant. disease resistant.
Canes should be trained horizontally for maximum bloom on the laterals. Prune a few inches from the terminal.
'Roberta Bondar' is a fertile seed parent. It does not produce seed without intervention, as the stigma is bound up with petals and petaloids that pollen cannot penetrate. Thus fertilization does not take place and hips do not form. But when petals are removed, pollination can take place. The natural lack of hips encourages more bloom, as growing strength goes into flower production instead of seed production.
'Kings Ranson' probably is tetraploid (28) like 'Rapture' 7 generations back, but Buff Beauty is triploid (21) according to Modern Roses IX. It is worth noting that 7 generations back, both progenitors of 'Roberta Bondar' were noisettes and in each generation thereafter, rich and varied combinations of inherited characteristics contributed to the splendour of 'Roberta Bondar'.